Application Process

Puppies Healing Heroes depends on donations to help us better the lives of our military veterans and first responders. All funds that we collect go towards offsetting the costs of purchasing puppies, training, pet food, and veterinary care. Join in the mission of ending veteran and first responder suicide by donating today!

Who Can Apply

Military veterans and first responders (EMT, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Military/Veterans, Correction Officers) who are affected by PTSD or other service-related trauma.

We are not affiliated with the VA.

To determine eligibility, please answer the following questions:
If you answered yes to the above questions, you may be eligible for a service dog through Puppies Healing Heroes.
In addition, we need to know if applicants have a history of the following:
Puppies Healing Heroes - Application Process

How to Apply

The process of obtaining a service puppy begins with filling out our application. We also have the
following requirements/qualifications for applying:
Puppies Healing Heroes - Applicatin Process
Applicants will need to provide their own travel. Travel consists of:


Puppies will be reevaluated and certified every year to ensure the service dog is being well cared for, completing their training,
and are receiving continuous training by the owner. For recertification, owners will need to return to Sacred Mountain Retreat Center with their service dogs.

Application & Giveaway Dates:

Applications are open for our next two giveaway dates in the summer and in November. There will be more information to come, so check back regularly and follow our Facebook page for updates!


Apply Now

We are not affiliated with the VA.

What branch of service did you serve?
You must be active or retired from one of these service positions.
How did you hear about this program?(Required)

Do you have a fenced yard?
Have you contacted a doctor or a counselor for a prescription to have a service dog? This is a KEY part for you to have service dog to take to work, etc.
Will this be your first service animal?(Required)
Preferred sex of dog(Required)
Will you use a crate?(Required)
Do you have a crate?(Required)
Have you ever surrendered to a rescue/shelter?(Required)
Have you ever sold/given away a pet or service dog?(Required)
Does anyone in the household have allergies?(Required)
Primary reference name(Required)
Second reference name(Required)
First Responders must have a letter of reference from their employer.
Max. file size: 10 MB.
Are you able to financially support the care of a service dog over the course of their lifetime? (We estimate the cost of a service dog to be approximately $1,500/year - food, veterinarian, etc.)(Required)
Have you been diagnosed with service-related PTSD and/or TBI by a healthcare professional?(Required)
Are you currently receiving mental health treatment for PTSD/TBI?(Required)
Have you ever been denied a service dog through another organization?(Required)


Violence to others?(Required)